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Principles of the Technology Design

  • The Fuel Less Generator Technology is a continuous power regeneration solution that is customized to provide electricity power on demand. The system produces continuous power by utilizing Power Electronics and Power Cells with renewable proprietary engineering. The Fuel Less Generator operating and functioning as a self-energized electricity generator. No Fuel, No Solar, No Wind Turbine.
  • The Fuel Less Generator Power System is designed to generate and produce Electricity based on the required Volts, Amps, Watts, Hertz and other specifications. This is an independent system that feeds power to your property or commercial projects just like your local electric company.

Fuel Less Generator Remote Monitoring Features:

  • On-board data analysis using various communication networks
  • Dedicated software customizes analysis
  • Model based analysis identifies defects and their severity
  • Receive condition reports & authorized users can log on in real-time
  • Early warning of problems helps reduce unplanned downtime

Our Fuel Less Generator electricity self-energized generators will be customized and configured for each application as an Eco-friendly carbon negative renewable energy solution. The Fuel Less Generator Self-Energized Generator System owner will be able to generate clean energy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Fuel Less Generator Implementation & Commissioning Process:

  1. Analyze Power Consumption
  2. On Site Power Assessment
  3. Design/ Customization
  4. Permitting/ Prepare Installation Site/ Schedule Install Date
  5. Install/ Prepare Installation Site/ Schedule Install Date
  6. Check Remote Metering Communication (Optional) (1st stage)
  7. Check Remote Monitoring (Optional) (1st stage)
  8. Install Hybrid Generator Power System
  9. Check KVA/KW Power Production (1st stage)
  10. Check Remote Metering Communication (Optional) (2nd stage)
  11. Check Remote Monitoring (Optional) (2nd Stage)
  12. Check Fuel Less Generator System KVA/KW Production (2nd stage)
  13. Commission Fuel Less Generator Power System for On-site Operation

Control Center

Control center

Power Plant Communications IT & Security Module

Security modulePlant

  • Generator Control & Monitoring of all units and component parts 24/7
  • IT & Satellite Hub
  • Uplink to Control Center

Commercial 60 Kwh Unit

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installation map

By Installing next to the Substations you avoid Transmission Costs.  We work with the Grid to stabilize existing energy generation or we can work off-Grid.