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Our Fuel Less Generator Electricity — No Sun – No Wind – No Fuel

The Fuel Less Generator is designed with power cells. power electronics, and various other devices working together to produce electricity. This is control-engineering utilizing commercially proven industrial devices, and modules, that are designed to work together. This is not a new technology; it’s a new Technology design operating and functioning as a self-energized electricity generator.

The Fuel Less Generator is an advanced energy storage renewable power technology that’s designed to provide 100% on demand power and will generate electricity without solar, wind or any external input (e.g. fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas) producing economically sustainable clean energy. The Fuel Less Generator is a renewable energy solution that produces electricity power where the power is needed. The Fuel Less Generator can work with other alternative and renewable energy systems. (Co-Generation power production) – (Compact System Size 55sqf (Oft – Ilft) Scalable and Stackable) lifetime operation 20 -30 years.

An Electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. A generator forces electric current to flow through an external circuit. The source of mechanical energy may he a reciprocating or turbine steam engine, water falling through a turbine or waterwheel an internal combustion engine, a wind turbine a hand crank compressed air or any other source of mechanical energy. Generators provide nearly all of the power for electric power grids.

Our prime mover and generator configuration can be designed to function as a motor or a generator.
  • When running as a motor, with a special inverted it can realize zero-speed torque low-speed constant torque output and high-speed constant power output. The motor has no slip difference, with high efficiency and high control precision.
  • The motor can leave out the position sensor (encoder) improving the system reliability.
  • Do not need the excitation when work as a generator. The generator voltage is in direct ratio to the speed, with high efficiency and good feedback load effect.
  • The rated speed: 0-15000 RPM adjustable, or can be customized according to the requirements of users. The speed can be regulated sleeplessly positive D reverse control, continuous operation.
  • Insulation class: class H. vacuum pressure leaching lacquer, suitable for variable frequency speed regulation low temperature and long service life.
  • For the large-torque load can provide 10000Nm low-speed electric motor: can provide 42-pole motors.
  • Motor can be made according to the requirements of customers, equipped with cooling fan, or water-cooling structure. The motor can be made into dual shaft or other special structures. The motor can be made as dual voltage dual power.

The Fuel Less Generator can produce unlimited renewable energy for any size project.

  • Fuel Less Generator Power Systems differ from Solar and Wind Systems by its ability to produce unlimited power at the client’s site where the power is needed without solar, fuel, or wind dependency.

Our technology will help bring:

  1. Stable Energy Prices
  2. Continual Source of Clean, Green, Renewable Energy
  3. Power Generation Reliability
  4. Zero Greenhouse Gas/ Pollutant Emissions
  5. Job Creation
  6. Low Cost Operation
  7. Sub-Station Options
  8. Minimum Space Requirements

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